Wednesday, June 23, 2010

House for sale

Writing in the picture is quite funny. Taken from the sales promotion of a house by the homeowner. The funny thing is the reason homeowners in the sale of his house. The writing on the promotion board are written that homeowners sell their homes because neighbors made him upset. But of course the question is whether there are buyers who want to buy a house if he writes a reason like that?

Dog does not agree

Dog in this funny picture shows that the dog does not agree to sign a ban on dogs. With the cleverness, the dog tried to get rid of the sign prohibition against dogs. This dog is smart and funny.

Weird traffic sign

Who would install weird and funny traffic sign like this? I think that traffic signs are not going to help the driver, it will make drivers become confused. Turn right, turn left, turn direction, or straight is not allowed, the driver must continue towards where? Perhaps the appropriate traffic signs are ... Stop and do not go anywhere!

Very creative supporter

Supporters of ice hockey is quite creative. To express his frustration on an referee, he did not do a scene. But enough to make writing a very funny, just look at this picture. Even the ref did not realize that she was a victim of the farce by supporters. Wow ... sure the ref will be furious when he saw the pictures on television while at home later.

Hide and seek

In this funny picture that appears there was a man who played hide and seek with a bear ice. Bear ice as seeking, while men as a hiding. Visible ice bears are very curious about the man is. But you do not try it ... game of hide and seek because it is very dangerous!

Shoes goats

This very unique shoe models. Creators will want to make the wearer more attractive and may appear different to the ordinary people. Or maybe these shoes are created as a new cinderela shoes? There is no harm if the shoe was worn, the wearer would look really similar to the materials used. Cute shoes!

Best model pants

This photo shows a picture of a man who wore pants are unique. Try to think about ... whether the model of long pants that are like that, or is this guy wearing the wrong pants belonged to his father? If you liked the style, not a mistake if you occasionally use it. It looks quite comfortable to wear.

Car fell on the pedestrian bridge

Apparently, the highway still feels less spacious for the driver of this car. The proof of this car until the fall to the pedestrian bridge over a creek. This photo does look pretty funny, especially the position of the car right above the stairs are narrow, which is reserved for pedestrians. Well ... drivers remain safe and hopefully next time keep driving just above the highway!

Bus or bridge

This bus was trapped on top of a river. But strangely this does not have a bus body which plunged into the river at all. Even if seen from the picture, as though the bus was going to be a bridge for passengers, which can be used to connect the mainland side to side. This is a bus or a bridge?

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Car caught on electrical wires

I do not know what happened with this car driver. Is sleepy or drunk?
Whether it is ... certainly, the outcome of this picture would make you wonder and even smiling.. how could that happen? Funny and strange accidents.